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Type aliases

DocumentView: string | DocumentViewFunction
RouteBuilder: (provider: RouteProvider) => Promise<void>

Type declaration

Translatable: string | TranslationString
afterBuildCallback: (result: BuildResult) => Promise<void>

Type declaration

beforeBuildCallback: (builder: Builder) => Promise<void>

Type declaration

    • Parameters

      Returns Promise<void>

createServerCallbacks: (app: express.Express) => Promise<void>

Type declaration

    • (app: express.Express): Promise<void>
    • Parameters

      • app: express.Express

      Returns Promise<void>


  • basename(path: string): string
  • debounce(fn: Function, delay: number, immediate?: boolean): () => Timeout
  • formatBytes(bytes: number): string
  • interpolate(pod: Pod, string: string, params: any): any
  • Applies string interpolation to a given string. For example, if a given string is Hello ${name} and the params are {string: 'World'}, the result of calling the interpolation is "Hello World".

    Typically, this would be used with the pod object to provide the ability to refer to pod content: Hello ${pod.meta.title}, and then providing params such as: {pod: <Pod instance>}. The value of pod.meta would be specified within amagaki.ts.


    • pod: Pod

      The pod.

    • string: string

      A string to interpolate.

    • params: any

      The parameters to use for interpolation.

    Returns any

    The interpolated string.

  • localizeData(data: any, locale: Locale): any
  • queryObject(query: string, data: any): any
  • Returns data queried from a YAML file. Use by specifying a query, such as 'foo.bar'. This will return the value nested under the keys: {foo: {bar: 'value'}}.


    • query: string
    • data: any

      An object mapping keys to values.

    Returns any

    The YAML content at the specified query.

  • walk(path: string, newFiles?: string[], removePrefix?: string): string[]

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