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Amagaki is a static site generator. It's written in TypeScript and designed specifically for offering a great developer experience for hand-coding marketing and informational websites.

Feature highlights

  • TypeScript. Amagaki is written in TypeScript. Its code is meant to be well-organized, easy to understand, and extendible with plugins.
  • Multiple template engines. Amagaki ships with Nunjucks for HTML compatibility, but supports unlimited template engines.
  • Not a large project. Amagaki has a slim core. It contains everything needed to assemble a marketing website, but not more than that. It should be easy to understand Amagaki's core code and extend it as needed with plugins.
  • Localization. Easy localization is a first-party citizen. Configure locales and Amagaki will take care of the workflows around localization to make it easy to translate and localize your project.
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