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Creating navigation or menus

Navigation and menus can be created manually or automatically. We generally recommend creating headers and footers manually by managing links within partial header and footer files, whereas tables of contents, or menus for content-heavy sites should be automatically generated.

Explicit menu

Assume we are creating a header menu. First, create a partial file that can be used to store the header’s content:

partial: header
title: My Website
- doc: !pod.doc /content/pages/index.yaml
  title: Home
- doc: !pod.doc /content/pages/about.yaml
  title: About
- doc: !pod.doc /content/pages/contact.yaml
  title: Contact

Next, create a template to render this content:

<div class="header">
  <div class="header__logo">
  <div class="header__menu">
    {% for item in partial.menu %}
    {% endfor %}

Finally, use a code snippet to render the template:

Automatic menu

Assume we are creating a table of contents allowing the user to navigate through various categories of page content. First, create your content structure:

Second, ensure that each _collection.yaml file has fields populated, with appropriate titles and orders.

Last, use a code snippet to render the menu:


Template: footer