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Your project’s top-level configuration is managed in the amagaki.js file. This file is optional. However, it is required for specifying pod-wide settings, as outlined below.

Configuration is used for specifying:

  • Custom metadata
  • Build environments
  • URL routing settings
  • Static file routing
  • Localization behavior
  • External plugins
  • Local plugins

The amagaki.js file configures pod-wide settings. Similar configuration (i.e. URL paths, templates, custom fields, and localization behavior) can be specified at the content-level, on a per-document or per-collection basis.


Here's what a sample amagaki.js file may look like:

module.exports = function (pod) {
    meta: {
      name: 'Amagaki Example',
    localization: {
      defaultLocale: 'en',
      locales: ['en', 'fr', 'it', 'ja'],
    staticRoutes: [
        path: '/static/',
        staticDir: '/dist/',
        path: '/static/images/',
        staticDir: '/src/static/images/',

Custom metadata

Specify custom metadata:

    meta: {
        siteTitle: 'Amagaki',
        siteDescription: 'A cool tool for hand-coding marketing websites.',

Metadata can be accessed using a pod function:

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